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Kayaking in Alaska

Tebenkof Bay Wilderness
Tongas National Forest

August 2 - 8, 2004


Paddling a kayak into our Windfall Island campsite

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  1. Rounding up our gear after arriving at the Petersburg Airport
  2. Bill took this because he was amused that I was cold
    within minutes of arriving
  3. Petersburg marina, mountains in the background
  4. Our floatplane held four people and all their gear
  5. View of our b&b in Petersburg from the floatplane dock (Malcolm photo)
  6. Randy, Lynn, Malcolm in the floatplane (Bill Photo)
  7. The Long Island beach where we landed and picked up our kayaks (Monday early afternoon)
  8. Our 'kitchen' on Windfall Island (Monday evening)
  9. Randy fixes the first night's dinner (Monday)
  10. We all chow down enthusiastically
  11. A day paddle from Windfall Island (Tuesday)
  12. First day fishing: four rockfish (Tuesday)
  13. Randy filleting the rockfish (Thanks, Randy!)
  14. View from Windfall Island (Dick photo)
  15. Windfall Island campfire (Bill photo)
  16. View from Windfall Island
  17. Heading west toward Baranof Island for second day of fishing (Wednesday)
  18. Jane's fishing rod over the side of the boat
  19. Jane with her first coho salmon (caught near Troller Islands)
    and several more rockfish (Wednesday) (Bill photo)
  20. Randy with the same fish. Catching them was a joint enterprise.
  21. We saw many sea otters, which are very cute.
    We also had spectacular views of whales breaching, diving, blowing,
    but we weren't able to get pictures of them (Bill photo)
  22. Several in the group (unfortunately neither Randy nor I) found themselves
    engulfed by a thick flock of phalaropes (Malcolm photo)
  23. Windfall Island sunset (Bill photo)
  24. Another Windfall Island sunset
  25. Randy and Bill paddling the honeybucket out to dump it where
    there's a current (Thanks, Randy and Bill!) (Thursday)
  26. Paddling a kayak into our Windfall Island campsite
  27. Bill and Mary-Carter leaving Windfall Island (Thursday)
  28. Bill and Mary-Carter in front of an ancient spruce in a reputed old Indian village
  29. Long Island sky
  30. Another Long Island sky
  31. Long Island sunset
  32. Another Long Island sunset
  33. Bill and Lynn - good buddies
  34. Randy
  35. Dick and Marjy
  36. Malcolm
  37. Mary-Carter (Bill photo)
  38. Mary-Carter
  39. Marine critter (photo by Bill)
  40. Marine critter (photo by Bill)
  41. Marine critter (photo by Bill)
  42. Marine critter (photo by Bill)
  43. We had a marvelous paddle down a peaceful inlet alongside Long Island
    to this even more peaceful streamlet. Pink salmon were
    thick in the water and jumping like crazy(photo by Bill) (Friday)
  44. Another Long Island sunset (Bill photo)
  45. A commercial purse seiner fishing for salmon at Elena Point (Saturday)
  46. Randy with two coho salmon we caught at Elena Point
  47. Jane with the same two coho
  48. Randy filleting the salmon. We ate all the fish we caught.
  49. Our float plane taking off at Long Island(Dick photo)
  50. The gang back at the b&b, happy after long, hot showers

Brief Narrative            Map of Tebenkof Bay Wilderness