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Jane and Ann's Great Adventure

Birds, Golf, Beer, Hot Tub, Plants

April 25-27, 2006


Rimrock Lake along U.S. 12

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  1. Rimrock Lake along U.S. 12
  2. Bridge on U.S. 12 at Tieton River
  3. Hillside along U.S. 12 at Tieton River
  4. Ann on a path at the Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge
  5. Ann
  6. View over Toppenish National Wildlife Refuge from sage-covered hills
  7. The 9th Hole at Beacon Rock Golf Course
  8. Walking Man Brewing and Public House in Stevenson,Wash.
    I had a delicious BiPed Red ale and a tasty onion soup
  9. Kitchen at Riverside Lodge in Stevenson
  10. We had a relaxing time in the hot tub at the Riverside Lodge
    Door to our unit is on the right
  11. Ann on lawn with Columbia River behind at Riverside Lodge in Stevenson
  12. Plant identification walk on 1-mile Wahclella Falls trail.
    Trip leader was Wendell Wood assisted by Friends of Columbia Gorge member Laura
  13. Tanner Creek along the Wahclella Falls Trail
  14. A waterfall along the trail
  15. Tanner Creek along the trail
  16. A cliff along the trail
  17. Ann and I at lunch at the side of the trail
  18. Wahclella Falls
  19. Wahclella Falls
  20. Ann at Wahclella Falls