The Adventure of English

By Melvyn Bragg

Chapter 1: The Common Tongue

Chapter 2: The Great Escape

Chapter 3: The Norman Conquest

Chapter 4: Holding On

Chapter 5: The Speech of Kings

Chapter 6: Chaucer

Chapter 7: God's English

Chapter 8: The Language of the State

Chapter 9: William Tyndale's Bible

Chapter 10: A Renaissance of Words

Chapter 11: Preparing the Ground

Chapter 12: Shakespeare's English

Chapter 13: My America

Chapter 14: Wild West Words

Chapter 15: Sold Down the River

Chapter 16: Mastering the Language

Chapter 17: The Proper Way to Talk

Chapter 18: Steam, Streets and Slang

Chapter 19: Indian Takeover

Chapter 20: The West Indies

Chapter 21: Advance Australia

Chapter 22: Warts and All

Chapter 23: All Over the World

Chapter 24: And Now...?