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Visiting My Godson Cam

Vashon Island, Wash.

April 17, 2006


Cam and Jane

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  1. My Godson Cam Bard, shortstop for the Vashon Pirates,
    and now headed to New York University
  2. Cam at shortstop
  3. Cam at bat (from the front). He doubled in a run.
  4. Cam at bat (with catcher and ump)
  5. Cam at bat (from behind)
  6. Cam arrives home after victory on the field
  7. Rachel Bard, Cam, and Celia. A game of Scrabble after dinner.
  8. Cam with Grandma and Mom
  9. Cam and Jane
  10. Susannah studies for the WASL. Is there no privacy! Get that camera out of here!