in Section 3.5, if any, all news and editorial expense of the P-I shall be bome by Hearst and all news and editorial expense of the Times shall be bome by Times.
3.3  Performance and Cooperation. Hearst and Times agee to take all corporate action necessary to carry out and effectuate the intent, purposes and provisions of this Agreement, and to cooperate with the other party in every reasonable way that will promote successful and lawful operation under this Agreement for both parties.
3.4  P-I Advertising Content. Hearst has delivered to Times a specific statement of its policies for accepting or rejecting advertising, and shall continue to give reasonable written notice to Times of any amendments or additions to same. Times shall solicit advertising for publication in the P-I of the type which is acceptable under such policies, whether or not such advertising may be acceptable to Times under its policies. Times shall use its best efforts to determine whether any advertising submitted for publication in the P-I may be inconsistent with such policies. Should Times determine that any of such advertising may be thus inconsistent, it shall afford a Hearst representative (to be designated in writing, by Hearst from time to time) a reasonable opportunity to review same, and to provide notice to Times that some or all of such advertising is inconsistent with such policies and is not to be published in the P-I, or is acceptable for publication in the P-I. Such review shall be conducted so as not to interfere with production schedules established by Times. If Times is given timely notice of the decision of Hearst's representative, it shall exclude from the P-I all advertising rejected by Hearst consistent with such Hearst policies and shall include in the P-I all advertising, accepted by Hearst.
3.5   Newspaper Cessation Date. If the conditions and circumstances of the Aaency shall ever reach a point at which Times and Hearst shall mutually agree that(1) either Times or Hearst