essence of this provision, and each party hereby agrees and commits that as expediously as possible such party will take all action within its control that may be necessary or desirable to cause the parties to be in a position to effect the cessation of publication by the Agency of one of the Newspapers. In the event that the parties shall not have caused the Newspaper Cessation Date to occur within eighteen (18) months of the Loss Notice Date, this Agreement shall thereupon terminate immediately. This Seciton 7.1.4 shall not preclude termination of the Agreement for any other frustration of purpose deemed adequate by a court of competent jurisdiction, or as specified in Section 8.9.
7.2   Mechanics of Termination. Upon termination of this Agreement, Times shall take appropriate action to transfer to Hearst all then current circulation contracts, arrangements or lists concerning bulk sales, subscriptions, dealers and subdealers, distributions, deliveries, sales returns and prepaid subscriptions solely of the P-I's daily newspaper, plus all pertinent portions of then current records and data pertaining thereto, and all sums received by Times in respect of prepaid subscriptions and cash deposits relating to daily P-I circulation, and a pro rata portion of all sums received by Times in respect of such subscriptions and deposits relating to the combination daily P-I and Sunday newspaper circulation. Times shall further provide Hearst with copies of all contracts relating to circulation of the daily P-I and combination daily P-I and the Sunday newspaper, or in the absence of such contracts, circulation lists relating thereto.
      As soon as practicable after termination of this Agreement, Times and Hearst shall join in taking all steps necessary to transfer to Hearst all rights under then outstanding contracts for the publication of advertising exclusively in the P-I, and all sums received by